Our Primary Purpose

Over the years, we have found that competence is an essential precursor to effectively help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through a complex financial-services world.

Our Founder's Story

I thought I knew it all - turns out, I didn't

A son whose parents emigrated from Italy to the United States in the 1960s, I was raised in New York.

My parents did not have a formal education to mentor or teach me about business but like most like who came to the US at that time, they knew hard work, sacrifice and commitment. Those are values they instilled in me.

As I watched them work hard and save money, one of the ways they began creating a personal and financial legacy was investing multi-family real estate.

This is how I began my journey into learning and understanding about business and real estate at a young age: Continually watching and listening day-by-day as well as taking courses on how to invest in real estate.

After a couple of successful years, I thought I knew all there was to know - turned out I was wrong and soon found out how wrong I was!

I struggled...
In fact, I did more than struggle. By 2007-08 my income was totally severed, I was over-levered and insolvent. Thinking of my parents, my deep desire to not fail and disappoint them, and everyone else who counted on me, was a bitter pill to swallow. I wanted to be proud of myself but more importantly, I wanted to be a shining example of what they created and represented. Instead, I felt like a loser who could not make money or get to the next plateau in life.

I was labeled...
As bad turned to worse, I was using credit cards to pay mortgages and bills. Eventually I went into foreclosure on my last two properties and I went into depression, labeled a “deadbeat”. Nothing was more humiliating than that title for the son of hardworking emigrants and nothing was a greater slap in the face to the values they instilled……

I made her cry
The only thing I had going for me was that I was engaged to be married to my now wife. In a moment when she was trying to be helpful and wanted to try to lift me out of my sinkhole, my pride led me to lash out at her causing her to back down with a trembling lip and started to cry. That exact moment it all changed for me.

I realized in that moment that not only did I fail as an investor, but I was failing in something more important than investing,

I was failing as a man.

After all, investing is what I may do but being a man is what I am. It’s how I was raised as and she did not deserve to be treated that way. She deserved better than me. No amount of money or darkness was worth what I had done to her. I was humiliated and broken.

I decided...
At that moment to turn it all around and make it work. So, then and there I made a vow to reach inside and lean on the values I had seemingly forgotten.

I picked myself up and step-by-step began to rebuild a life for the two of us.

Only this time I was doing it after learning from mistakes and knowing how to play offense and defense at the same time. I filed for a chapter 13 Bankruptcy two days before we got married and shortly thereafter, I went to law school to become a para-legal so that I had a better understand of how the game is played. I was determined to win at this game of real estate but more importantly, in life.

I had a new spark
I had a new marriage to a wonderful woman and things started to turn around for me. 3 months into our marriage my wife was pregnant with our first child (while I was still in bankruptcy).

A year later when my daughter was born, I suddenly realized something.

I realized that I was given the responsibility to be the steward of someone's life. And that, maybe, I was not a “deadbeat” after all. God believed in me so much that he had entrusted this life in my hands and so I felt like I was given a second chance to prove my worth.

I took Action....
I needed to risk it all to become worthy of this responsibility. It was at that moment I doubled down.

I had a higher purpose and a renewed calling: Protecting my family and our legacy - it was not about me anymore. I needed to hold myself accountable and at the same time fight the system, which I found out the hard way was “stacked’ against many people like me. Progress started to happen and the profits from my commitment began delivering: I had my foreclosure overturned in my bankruptcy and got my property back.

I won.....
After all was said and done and 3+ years of bankruptcy proceedings, two large banking institutions threw in the towel and paid me a large sum of money to go away.

The terms of the settlement agreement have bound me to confidentiality limiting what I can say, so I can’t speak specific monetary amounts.

However, the payment was large enough to pay off my entire bankruptcy estate, pay attorney's fees in full and still have surplus of cash! I didn't fail at this investing game after all, and I was not a failure in life either!

I go forward....
The experience beating the “system”, made me want to do it again and again, not just for myself but for other people too. I thought how many people need help but do not have the skills and experience. How many people were just plain exhausted and needed help fighting when they could no longer fight for themselves.

Over the following 10 years, I became the guardian of my family’s wealth, champion for my children’s future and creator of my legacy.

After learning how the mortgage banking game was played from the inside out,

I started buying mortgage loans. I could do a better job at managing a foreclosure and giving defaulting homeowners a fighting chance to stay in their homes. I learned my purpose and passion had expanded: I could be the bank and make positive impact on people’s lives:

• My family’s life,

• My investment partners life and

• the homeowners’ life

All this has led me to my mission today: To extend our expansive intimate knowledge, experience and expertise to others and enable them to not just survive but thrive and live with vitality in the creation of their current lives and future legacy.

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